Im setting up a series of forms right now which are accessed in no particular order from a main menu. The user comes back to the menu after each form has been filled in and chooses a different form to fill in. Once they have decided they have filled in enough forms (the number is specific to the request they are making) they choose to finish and the information is all written to an html file and stored on the server. <BR><BR>I know how to do all of this, but Im still curios as to what the best method for maintaing the information is. As the forms are accessed randomly, using any kind of POST or GET method to pass the info on to all pages is a logistical mess. It means getting each of the (around 15) forms has to be able to accept ALL the variables as well as pass ALL of them on.<BR><BR>Another avenue i have explored is using Flat Files to write the info to each time a form is completed, but this is messy too.<BR><BR>I then come to sessions. What are ppl&#039s experiences with sessions? Ive never used them so extensively before. They seem to solve the problem i have, only i keep hearing things about how **** they are (memory, inefficiency etc) Here is an excerpt from a 4guys article about sessions :<BR><BR>"In many mailing lists, message boards and websites I have seen people protesting about how evil session variables are & how they limit the scalability of our websites. These people are correct: the Session variables are in fact evil"<BR><BR>SO what should I do? I just want some ppls thoughts really, or if anyone has any other suggestions Id love to hear them.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Chris Beaumont