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    Default database

    How can I upload my database on to the server.

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    Joel M Guest

    Default what database

    what database....<BR>what server....

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    Curtis Guest

    Default RE: database

    ? ... use an ftp client.. goto and get voyager..<BR>or goto .. and get cute ftp..<BR><BR>then ask someone what the ftp site for your webspace is.. (ip number/login/password) and put it on there.. ask your internet provider or whoever you have web space with.<BR><BR>

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    Curtis Guest

    Default RE: what database

    hey.. don&#039t be an ***..<BR><BR>why do you need to know that stuff?<BR><BR>he just needs to know how to get his database onto the webserver no?

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    Scott S Guest

    Default RE: database

    Well that would work for MS Access or something similar, but if he&#039s looking to upload SQL Server database(s) then the process is different, We do need more information. What type of database is it? MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server etc..<BR><BR>Ironically Access is the most difficult (In my opinion) to upload. With SQL Server you can just use DTS through Enterprise manager. Its incredibly Easy. <BR><BR>Scott S

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    Curtis Guest

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    I have no idea what your talking about.. upload? put it in a dir on the webserver.. set permissions to read,write and there ya go.. what are you talking about? Why would it be different? is an SQL database not a file? does it not use the SQL SERVER Drivers? are they not already on the server? anyways.. I take it there is a lot of dumb stuff to do with SQL SERVER DATABASES. I use ACCESS and won&#039t switch from it for awile probably.

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    Scott S Guest

    Default RE: database

    SQL Server is different from ACCESS. It&#039s a server not individual database files. I imagine you could isolate all the files of one database, Data, Logfiles etc.. but I have no idea if you could just move them to another Server and use them. I don&#039t think you&#039d be able to. Services like MS DTC & Enterprise manager make it very very easy to move databases between servers.<BR><BR>The systems are different & need to be handled differently thats all i was saying. There are some benefits to Access, (cost, size) and benefits to SQL Server (ease of development, power, speed). They both have there Pros and cons

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    Curtis Guest

    Default RE: database

    yea.. k it&#039s like delphi databases then.. okay... understood..<BR><BR>and sorry about the &#039comment&#039 .. it wasn&#039t meant to be offensive.. I just don&#039t like "wise guys" ya know?<BR><BR>k so it&#039s all cool..

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