I&#039m keeping track of my magazine collection and want to click on a particular year (i.e. I click on "1991" and all 12 issues from<BR>1991 pop up and so on). I have those sorted by "IssueDate" in a Date/Time field in an Access DB.<BR><BR>The code I have now seems to do this, but it also prints out the rest of my DB as well (click the link below and you&#039ll see).<BR> <BR>What I really want to accomplish here is to only display 12 issues at a time (by clicking on a particular year). This is terribly frustrating...I&#039m not that fluent in .asp, and have had help with what I&#039ve done so far...just to let any future helpers know.<BR><BR>I can send my source code if you need it, and if you need to view the site in question, it&#039s located at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Matt