Hi all.<BR>I have a simple question on efficiency of an access database and how much it can handle.<BR>I am just starting the design of a database for a team gaming tournament.<BR>There exist appx. 30 teams of 40 - 80 members<BR>Over each 2 week period a round will be played each team has to play 75 matches.<BR>30 X 75 = 2250 records entered over 2 week period. & 60,000 records a year.<BR>1. The table that will hold the reports, should i have 1 table for all reports from all teams?<BR>or<BR>2. Should I have 1 report table for each team? meaning 30 tables holding reports only....<BR>take into consideration that stats will be performed, and also db querried to place teams 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc...<BR>I&#039m just not sure if for this querying 30 tables or 1 table should be performed...<BR>Any advice & guidence is appreciated.