I have the following code to focus the cursor in a specific textbox on a form. The second line runs a function sets a dirty tag on the form and enables the submit button if certain textboxes have been filled. <BR><BR><BR>window.onload = document.frmForm.txtTextBox.focus<BR>document.frmF orm.onkeyup = Dirtyfunc<BR><BR><BR>This code works fine in IE, with the textboxes bubbling their onkeyup event to the form.<BR>But neither line works in Netscape. <BR>I found that I can correct the first line in Netscape by changing the first line to<BR><BR><BR>window.onload = document.frmForm.txtTextBox.focus()<BR><BR>But this causes an error in IE.<BR><BR>Is it as simple as missing a ; somewhere?<BR><BR><BR>