This is the error I get:<BR><BR>error &#039 800a003e&#039<BR><BR>Input past end of file<BR><BR>What does it mean, pr where can I find out how to fix errors by their numbers. MSDN cd&#039s have no Info, but I&#039m sure there would not be numbers if there were not a way to know what each number will mean.<BR>*******************<BR>What I did<BR>*******************<BR>I am using a text file to store the number of times a person visits a web page. For each visit there is 1 added to the total. (Similar to the sample on the 4GFR site).<BR><BR>It works fine when I use this code...but:<BR><BR>Set WriteTotals = FSObject.CreateTextFile("d:InetpubwwwrootPageTotal s.txt")<BR><BR>We have load balancing on our server so after a couple of seconds the total goes back to 0 and starts all over. So I use this code:<BR>strPath = server.MapPath("PageTotals.txt")<BR>Set GetTotals = FSObject.OpenTextFile(strPath,1,True,0)<BR><BR>but then get the error that is on top.<BR><BR>Any suggestions? <BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Johann<BR>