Greetings All,<BR><BR>File Manager is an ASP based tool we wrote to emulate the functionality of Windows Explorer for web sites. <BR><BR>It gives users the ability to manage their web site without having to use any client side software, ActiveX, or Java. Being totally server side ASP based, you just need a browser. It is all written in VBScript and the only component required is an upload component. <BR><BR>Potentials for this application include:<BR>1) remote access by webmaster to server files.<BR>2) simple web page creation, editing and management by members of an online community.<BR>3) File storage, sharing, and backup online.<BR>4) Simplified edit access to web/intranet pages for site owners who want/need to bypass the webmaster.<BR><BR>It&#039s still in beta and we are looking for people to try out the application and provide feedback as to its usability and functionality. Visit the demo site at:<BR><BR><BR>thanks muchly!<BR><BR>Gracemere Software<BR>