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    Do you believe that anytime now ASP programmers will be killed off by a really good WYSIWYG ASP editor?<BR><BR>Indeed, is there one already - Drumbeat EasyASP - or are these more trouble that they&#039re worth?

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    No... I do not believe it. I&#039ve heard similar claims for many many years, and it never happens. A skilled programmer is MUCH better than a non-skilled user attempting to use a generic tool to accomplish a task. These tools teach you nothing about approaching, pulling apart and analyzing a problem, about how to break them and group them into the appropriate pieces, to design databases properly, how to plan for scalability, etc. In addition, they typically use VERY GENERIC code (routines) which are stable, but cumbersome (slow). They teach you nothing about algorithm design, about optimization, about how to even CHOOSE the best way to solve the problem at hand.<BR><BR>In short, they have their place... for people who have no programming skill, who can&#039t afford to hire a programmer, or who simply want to try to &#039roll their own&#039, these tools are &#039nice&#039. But if you are intent on creating a high-quality, efficient, scalable, modular system, nothing beats a pro.<BR><BR>Oh, this reminds me also of one of my favorite sayings... when it comes to consultants, don&#039t forget what the first three letters of that word spell... :)<BR><BR>

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