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    Is there a function in javascript that does the same as the vbscript replace function? I have a string that contains two words and I want to pass it using querystring. I need to change the space to a %20 between the words. I tried URLEncode be cannot get it to work. The script I am using follows. By the way, Javascript is not one of my strengths.<BR><BR>function HandleChange1() {<BR> <BR>var the_select = window.document.theform.selorg;<BR><BR>var the_index = the_select.selectedIndex;<BR><BR>var the_selected = the_select.options[the_index].text;<BR><BR>parent.frames["frleftbot"].document.location.href="test2.asp?org=" + the_selected ;<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>

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    There is a replace function in JavaScript - it&#039s a method of the string object, and it uses a regular expression for patern matching.<BR><BR>var the_selected = the_select.options[the_index].text;<BR>the_selected.replace(/ /i, "%20");<BR>...<BR><BR>See and for more info.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    in javascript use escape("place your string here") instead of URLEncode.

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