Hi<BR><BR>I want to run an ASP script on the Sub Session_OnEnd() event that basically will update a text file by adding the number of hits for each page in the site for that session. Thereby I can see how many times each particular page has been visited.<BR><BR>Can I get a function NOT defined in the global.asa file to run on the event ?<BR><BR>I was thinking that I would need to include the ASP file somehow but with the global.asa file not been a ASP file but a script file I did not know how to go about this.<BR><BR>E.G.<BR><BR>Sub Session_OnEnd()<BR>updatePageCount()<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>updatePageCount() is defined in a seperate file. Also, if this is possible is it correct that the updatePageCount() script needs the RUNAT=Server attribute ?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>JohnC