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    Pavani Guest

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    Hi,<BR> Does any one know How to fix the following problem:<BR>Inactivity TimeOut. Too much time has passed without sending any data for document. <BR> I have query that takes 2-3 min to run. I set the connection timeout and commandTimeout properties to 900 sec. ScriptTimeout to 900 sec on the IIS.<BR><BR>Any help will be appreciated<BR><BR>thanks

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    Hi Pavani,<BR><BR>If you have queries that are taking 2-3mins to run then the first step would be to optimise your SQL queries. Queries should not take 2-3 mins to run but on average less than 10 secs. This would be the first step I take.. i.e. investigate optimising your SQL queries.

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    pavani Guest

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    Sorry, I am using stored procedure. It totals lots data from multiple tables based on<BR>requirements and updates temp tables and retrieves results from temp tables.

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