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    I want to loop through a recordset which is displayed in tables.<BR><BR>Where is the best place to put the loop elements (the Do WhileNot and the MoveNext Loop) - inside the table or outside?<BR><BR>Or does it matter?<BR>Does anything?

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    The most frequent approach I&#039ve seen is the recordset loop outside of the HTML statements that render the table. I&#039m not even sure there is an adequate method to do it the other way around since you are moving through the data source and display each row as your passing it. The same principle is applied to arrays as well.<BR>Hope this helps,<BR>Thomas

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    It depends on how you want the layout to exist. If you have mutiple &#060;TD&#062;&#039s in the same &#060;TR&#062; your going to have to dynamically calculate the number of records. You should definatly put the While not rs.eof inside the &#060;TABLE&#062;, remember each loop is going to generate new &#060;TABLE&#062; &#060;TR&#062; and &#060;TD&#062; tags.<BR><BR>It&#039s all in how you want to lay it out

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