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    Why is this Cookie not setting up.<BR>I am setting up a Cookie like this and retrieving the information<BR>to check for that UserID and PassWord, but it is not setting up why is this.<BR><BR> Response.Cookies("Logged")("UserID") = ID<BR> Response.Cookies("Logged")("PassWord") = PWord<BR> Response.Cookies("Logged").Expires = Date()+30<BR><BR> If Request.Cookies("Logged") &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> UserID = Request.Cookies("Logged")("UserID")<BR> PassWord = Request.Cookies("Logged")("PassWord") <BR> bAccess = LookInDB(UserId,Password)<BR> IF bAccess = True Then<BR> Response.Redirect("Default.asp") <BR> <BR> End If <BR><BR><BR>What am I doing wrong, Please advice me, Thanks for any help.<BR>

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    Try checking for the cookie existence like this<BR><BR>If Request.Cookies("Logged")("UserID") &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR>UserID = Request.Cookies("Logged")("UserID")<BR>PassWord = Request.Cookies("Logged")("PassWord") <BR>bAccess = LookInDB(UserId,Password)<BR>IF bAccess = True Then<BR>Response.Redirect("Default.asp") <BR><BR>

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