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    Hi,<BR><BR><BR>We are developing a banking project.<BR><BR>We are having two applications one is Client Server which is developed in <BR>Power Builder and the other is Browser based interface developed in the ASP.<BR><BR><BR>We are having a report in which we are running a long query which is taking <BR>about 4 minutes in the SQL PLUS.(We are having this report in both the Browser based and<BR>the PB)<BR><BR>If we run the report in PB, there is no problem i.e all the people who are using<BR>the browser are able to make the connection properly.<BR><BR>If we run the report in BROWSER, there is problem. i.e none of the people where able <BR>to get the connection at all to the database and the browser hangs.<BR><BR><BR>IIS is working properly.<BR><BR>Is there is any solution for this problem.<BR><BR><BR>We are running the following query <BR>==================================<BR><BR>We are using the below query in both PB and ASP<BR><BR>sqlstmt : <BR>=========<BR>This query is for displaying the address of the client<BR><BR>Select <BR>Address1,Address2,Address3,Address4,Zip,Phone1 ,Fax <BR>From <BR>Branch,Address <BR>Where <BR>Branch.Address_id = And = 1<BR><BR>sqlstmt1 : <BR>==========<BR>This query is for displaying the holder details <BR><BR><BR>Select <BR>Client.First_Holder_name, <BR>Client.Second_Holder_name, <BR>Client.Third_Holder_Name,Address.Address1, Address.Address2,Address.Address3,Address.Address4 , <BR>From <BR>Client,Address <BR>Where Client.Address_id = And <BR>Client.Dpm_client_id = &#039 10380688&#039 <BR><BR>sqlstmt2 : <BR>==========<BR>We are running a procedure to dump the record in a temproray table.<BR><BR>Begin <BR>Tranrep (To_date(&#03901-Jan-1999&#039,&#039dd-mon-yyyy&#039), <BR>To_date(&#03907-Sep-2000&#039,&#039dd-mon-yyyy&#039), &#039 10380688&#039,1,&#039 8&#039); <BR>End; <BR><BR>sqlstmt3 :<BR>==========<BR>This query is used for retriving the data from the temporary table.<BR><BR>Select FLAG, ISIN_CODE, ISIN_NAME, <BR>ACCOUNT_TYPE, MARKET_TYPE, <BR>SETTLEMENT_NUMBER, <BR>TO_CHAR(BOOKING_DATE,&#039DD-MM-YYYY&#039) BOOKING_DATE, <BR>TO_CHAR(TRANSACTION_DATE,&#039DD-MM-YYYY&#039) TRANSACTION_DATE, <BR>DPM_REFERENCE_NO, PARTICULARS, <BR>TO_CHAR(QUANTITY) QUANTITY, <BR>TARGET_DP_ID, <BR>TARGET_CMBP_ID, <BR>CMBP_NAME, <BR>DP_NAME, <BR>TARGET_CLIENT_ID, <BR>BKG_NARRATION, <BR>TRANSACTION_TYPE, <BR>TO_CHAR(TRANSACTION_ID) TRANSACTION_ID, <BR>TO_CHAR(CLIENT_ID) CLIENT_ID, <BR>DPM_CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_CATEGORY, <BR>TO_CHAR(OPENING_BALANCE) OPENING_BALANCE, <BR>DRCR_INDICATOR <BR>FROM <BR>TRANSACTION_REPORT <BR>WHERE <BR>USER_NAME = &#039 8&#039 AND <BR>BRANCH_ID = 1 <BR>ORDER BY FLAG,ISIN_NAME,ACCOUNT_TYPE DESC,Transaction_report.BOOKING_DATE <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>The following is the configuration that the project is running:<BR>====================================== =========================<BR><BR>IIS 4.0<BR> Script time out 360 seconds<BR> Session Time Out 20 mintues<BR>Oracle 8i <BR><BR> Hybried Database<BR><BR> optimizer_mode = CHOOSE<BR> db_block_buffers = 346<BR> db_block_size = 8192<BR> distributed_transaction = 10<BR> open_cursors = 200<BR> open_links = 4<BR> shared_pool_size = 94557184<BR> sort_area_size = 66560<BR> <BR> I am using only one user name to login to the database.<BR><BR> <BR>Using Oracle ODBC<BR><BR> I have disabled the Enable Query Time Out option.<BR> <BR><BR>ASP 2.0<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Please help me.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>S. Velayutham.

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    Which query is not executing???<BR><BR>My guess is the TranRep Function or the third statment.<BR><BR>What I would do id do a response.write "Query #" & a response.end after each query, and figure out which one isn&#039t executing.<BR><BR>You may also want to look at adding a hint to that query e.g. (SELECT /*+ FIRST_ROWS */ ...)<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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    The above mentioned program is working properly their no problem in connecting to the database. When a person has fired this report then any other users are not able to access any other programe until the report get generated.<BR><BR>I am using a System DSN on the webserver. The IIS and the Database are on the same machine.<BR><BR>

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