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    Silven Guest

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    I have a problem with using PWS ...I coulnt run asp files.Atleast I coulnn,t see them.I have front page and pws in my system.Can any one tell me How to create and run .asp files using frontpage under PWS.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Silven

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    Corin Guest

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    Make sure your computer is connected to the internet and make sure you are saving the files as .asp not .html

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    I&#039ve had all sorts of issues when trying PWS prior to the NT Option Pack. Check the MS website Knowledgebase under PWS - or better yet see about downloading the Win95/98 version of the NT Option Pack (yep there is such an animal). As far as I know it had the latest PWS in it and solved my problems back when.<BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR>Thomas

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