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    Hi.<BR><BR>I&#039m a beginning ASP learner. I have the Sam&#039s "Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 Days". I also have Wrox Press&#039 "Professional ASP 2.0".<BR><BR>I wish to set up an on-line ordering program using ASP and interfacing with our Access database master. This will be very rudimentary at the outset. I would, of course, like to begin by having a loggin for the user. Once in, the user may then order the quantity of radioactive material he/she desires. Functions would need to be written to determine the order&#039s validity by checking the amount per isotope against the field in the database which holds the possesion limit for that isotope for that person&#039s lab. Error checking everywhere that&#039s needed, of course. Lastly, the recordset would be updated and the order would then be placed.<BR><BR>I&#039m not asking for code. I am asking for some advice as to how to set this up. It needs to be fairly basic at the beginning so that it can be correctly built upon.<BR><BR>Does anyone know if there is an ASP book which lists the objects as a reference? <BR>JNOWLIN

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    This may not help at all.... but if I&#039m faced with an issue like that I usually spend a few hours in my local technical bookstore or Borders Books and look over every book on the subject for some examples. <BR><BR>

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