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    hemamuthuraman Guest

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    In access, if want to generate a automatic number in a database what must i do. Then i have create four fields in the database(access) and should be able to assign automatic regno or id to that particular rows. I must be able to display the regno or id back

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    Curtis Guest

    Default simple..

    open access.. create a new table or whatever.. set one field to autonumber, and basically forget about that field until you need it later sometime..<BR><BR>then make the other 4 fields to whatever.. the autonumber is very simple to setup.. it does everything for you.<BR>everytime a record is added, it will give the record a number one higher than the previous number it gave out to the last record that was created.<BR><BR>really not hard, try it and you&#039ll see...<BR><BR>to retrieve and display "fields" from the database is another story though.. come back when you check out a few tutorials..<BR><BR>just search for ASP Tutorial on any search engine.. and check this places&#039 links out, there might be a few good places..

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    Curtis Guest

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    is this a project for school?<BR>

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