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    David Brower Guest

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    Greetings from rain-sodden Paisley!<BR><BR>I would like to be able to read through a database to see if there any emails should be sent on a particular day. Ideally I would want this to take place once a day. Can anyone recommend a good way of doing this? Would I need to create an Active Server Page to do this? But how would it know when to kick into action? I&#039d really appreciate any suggestions, comments or otherwise on this subject.<BR><BR>Thank you, <BR><BR>David Brower

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    BalletChick Guest

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    Hello David,<BR><BR>There are actually several ways to do this. You could schedule a job to be run once a day using the NT Scheduler (AT) or using some third-party scheduling program (some are free), if you have SQL Server, you could schedule a job to be run and, in fact, could do the whole job from INSIDE SQL Server! Or, you could watch the date in your Global.ASA (on session start) to see if the date has changed (store current in an application variable and compare it do datevalue(now)) and, if it has, fire up some script to do the work...

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    David Brower Guest

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    Thanks BalletChick, <BR><BR>I especially like the solution with the application variable. Rather nifty.<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>David

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    BalletChick Guest

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    Remember this, though... if you use the app var technique, then the very first visitor each day to your site may have an inordinately long wait while your script does its &#039daily&#039 thing. :) Something to think about.

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