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    Default Price a job<BR>Hi There<BR>I need someone to help me here. I have been asked to create a website for an auctioneering<BR>company. They want to be able to upload and update pictures and details of houses afterwards without having to get us to do it. Customers would be<BR>able to search for houses by area, price, category etc.<BR><BR>My company would create the design and layout, provide and upload the<BR>content. What I need is the code that would allow us to<BR>implement the ASP part of the site. Initially, the customer wants 70 houses<BR>uploaded but I would imagine that they would like to be able to store<BR>hundreds of houses on it after a while.<BR><BR><BR>Looking forward to hearing from you<BR>Oliver<BR>

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    I don&#039t know if you&#039ve made a decision on how to go with this yet, but I have developed a similar application for auto dealers to upload information and pictures of their inventory and then have it be searchable by the consumer. If you&#039d be interested in discussing this more, feel free to email me at

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    I am sure that project is very much similar one I develope before for Please visit it for details.<BR>My price is very reasonable either by a flate rate or by hours depending on how big and complexity of the project.<BR><BR>I can be reached at<BR>or<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Kenneth< BR>KTN Web Development

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    I have recently completed a similar project. If you are interested email me at<BR>

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