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    I am setting up a shopping cart and already have the code from an existing cart. I am trying to modify the old code to suit my needds.<BR>The old code used links to pass the required variables using querystring. I want to allow users to order by clicking a submit button next to the required item (all contained in a form) which should then add the item to the shopping cart. Any ideas, Sorry about the vagueness, any general code to pass variables (strProductID and strProductQty) into the shopping cart utility from the form would be appreciated. The shopping cart utility has session("shoppingcart") set up and has various methods associated with it eg .add, .remove etc.<BR> Many thanks in advance

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    A remarkably vague question. I really dont think anyone could possibly help you with the inofrmation you have given. I am wondering if you are asking how to pass variables in ASP. If this is the case, it may be a bit adventourous for you to be building (albeit, from an existing one) a shopping cart.<BR><BR>If you can be more specific I would be gald to help. I am working on a cart myself at the moment.<BR><BR>Ross

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    u don&#039t need a form to add/remove items to/from a cart. all u need is a product no , and a hyperlink, when displaying a product make the name or image a hyprlink with product no as param, in the server , trap hyperlink click, and add/remove item from cart.

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