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    mark Guest

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    I have 2 sets of data. One has 6 Fields and the other has 6 Fields (textboxes) on a form, connected to a database.<BR>The first set is OK, however my problem is I want to populate the 2nd set of data (textboxes), with the 2nd of data from the database ONLY if there is data in the database. If there is NO data in the second set of data in the database then I want to populate the textboxes with the first set of data in the database.<BR><BR>This is really annoying me, can you please help?<BR>The code I&#039ve done is below!<BR><BR>&#060;&#037;<BR>Dim strClassName<BR>Dim strVenue<BR>Dim strDay<BR>Dim strRoom<BR>Dim strTimeFrom<BR>Dim strTimeTo<BR><BR>strClassName = Request.Form("class_name_box")<BR>strVenue = Request.Form("venue_box")<BR>strDay = Request.Form("day_box")<BR>strRoom = Request.Form("room_box")<BR>strTimeFrom = Request.Form("time_box_from")<BR>strTimeTo = Request.Form("time_box_to")<BR><BR>[test] = rstemp("a_class_name_change_box")<BR><BR>IF [test] = "" THEN<BR>strClassName = rstemp("a_classname_change")<BR>strVenue = rstemp("a_venue_change")<BR>strDay = rstemp("a_day_change")<BR>strRoom = rstemp("a_roomtoseat_change")<BR>strTimeFrom = rstemp("a_time_from_change")<BR>strTimeTo = rstemp("a_time_to_change")<BR>ELSE<BR>strClassName = rstemp("a_class_name_change_box")<BR>strVenue = rstemp("a_venue_change_box")<BR>strDay = rstemp("a_day_change_box")<BR>strRoom = rstemp("a_roomtoseat_change_box")<BR>strTimeFrom = rstemp("a_time_from_change_box")<BR>strTimeTo = rstemp("a_time_to_change_box")<BR>END IF<BR>&#037;&#062;

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    BalletChick Guest

    Default RE: databases and textboxes

    This sounds familiar, doesn&#039t it, Bill W?<BR><BR>Ahh well... Mark, let me ask you this... your code references Request.Form("class_name_box") initially... this means that you are getting the data from a form that was POSTed to your script, NOT from a database recordset, correct? I ask only because your question implies that you are working with two recordsets, so I am a bit confused over this.<BR><BR>Which is it?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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