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    I think i like this old design better.. the new one is kinda too big.. and you can only see a few lines of text at a time.<BR><BR>Not sure.. the new one is kinda more "visible".. but I don&#039t think a change is needed.. except maybe the little flashing red arrows :)<BR><BR>that is the only thing I would change.. and that is the "thread layout" the reply/message layout is great.. I think.. anyways.. do what you think&#039s best I guess.. but that is my 2 cents.

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    Default Curtis's message is for Scott

    I have nothing to do with this site. Other than being a general pain in the butt.<BR><BR>Curtis: You might want to send that message directly to Scott. Use the "feedback" link near bottom of left hand side of this page.<BR><BR>

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