form handling..can I use JS?

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Thread: form handling..can I use JS?

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    Default form handling..can I use JS?

    Once upon a time I had this form...<BR><BR>I need to know how to get the users information in just raw text and do a mailto with that raw data? Is this possible, does it need to be written to a file first, or can the raw data just be submitted to a mailbox? I&#039d like for the user to just hit the submit button and all data whether formatted or unformatted be sent. <BR><BR>Thanks a bunch to anyone who can guide me through!

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    at the simplest, you can use a form enctype of text/plain and a mailto: url. <BR><BR>up from there is ASP in JScript, which is pretty easy. lots of tutorials available on<BR><BR>j<BR>

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