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    Rich G Guest

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    Hi, How do you set focus on a text box using VBScript? I can do it using object.method in VB and Access, but having trouble doing it in VBScript.<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    BalletChick Guest

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    You wouldn&#039t really do it in VBScript, you&#039d do it in Javascript in the output HTML... Example:<BR><BR><BR><BR>&lt;script&gt;<BR>&lt;!--<BR>function setfocus() {<BR>document.formname.textboxname.focus();<BR>}<B R>// --&#062;&lt;/script&gt;<BR><BR>&lt;body onLoad="setfocus()"&gt;<BR>&lt;form name="formname"&gt;&lt;input type="text" name="textboxname" size="20"&gt;&lt;/form&gt;<BR>&lt;/body&gt;

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    Default Despite what you ask

    In case you don&#039t have this one<BR><BR>javascript style <BR>which works in ie.<BR><body onLoad="window.document.yourForm.frmfield.focus(); "<BR><BR>skol

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