Problems using SMTP & CDONTS

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Thread: Problems using SMTP & CDONTS

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    I am having big problems getting my ASP page that retrieves lost passwords to work. The code is great, it hits the DB and validates the user - it then sends the message to the SMTP pickup directory then gets forwarded to the queue. That is where the buck stops. I have heard a lot of users on line say that all that is required is that SMTP be installed. I have also heard that MS Exchange is needed. I have SMTP installed but I feel that my configurement is amiss. Anyone have any advice!!

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    I am not sure what is happening in your environment but i had to develop an aplication the same way. If you SMTP and exchange server is properly configured to send emails then it will work. I dont know how this is done but this is what i was told and continued with the development and when i deployed the app is worked like a charm

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