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    Hi there, I&#039m having trouble with my IIS running on a win2k pro system. The database connections are really slow. When a ASP script with database connections is being executed, the harddisk makes a lot of noice, and the page returns after waiting a long time..<BR>The scripts are using DSN connections via ODBC. All the connections and recordset&#039s are closed. Re-install of win2k gives no change to this situation.<BR>Anyone knows how I can solve this problem?

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    Could be a number of things. What database are you using and is it on your local machine? How&#039s your virtual memory configured?<BR><BR>If you&#039ve got your DB running locally, but a low initial VM setting, then I would expect Windows to have to enlarge it&#039s pagefile before it has enough memory to start processing, which is fairly disk-intensive. Just speculation really, but try setting your *minimum* VM size to at least 512MB.<BR><BR>Dunc

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