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    Hello! I&#039m desperatly looking for an easy to use poll for my site. What I need is the possibility to add new questions/alternatives online, and there has to be some kind of IP-blocking which is reset as a new question is added. Off course I can display an ad for whoever offers this. Hope someone can help me!<BR><BR>Viktor

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    Mauricio C. Guest

    Default Think I got watcha need

    &nbsp;<BR> Hi, Viktor, I use a poll in my site, you can look at it if u like. the url is, if you like the poll, just tell me, and I&#039ll post the code here..<BR><BR> One last thing... I didn&#039t get the IP-blocking part so much.. could you please x-plain what is it that u need x-actly, and I&#039ll see what we can do.<BR><BR> C ya.<BR><BR>Mauricio C.

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    Olivier Guest

    Default IP blocking

    Hi,<BR>I think that Viktor means that the poll should prevent users from voting twice. So, as soon as the voted for a certain question, they should be prohibited from voting a second time and only allowed to view the poll results. <BR>Another way to achieve this, Viktor, is to set a cookie stating that the poll has been taken.<BR>The following article explains how to create such a thing.<BR><BR>

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    Mauricio C. Guest

    Default RE: IP blocking

    Well, I worked with a poll that did it in a "diffrnt" way:<BR><BR> it was a database with one table per poll, and each "poll table" had a structure like this:<BR><BR> IP (TEXT)<BR> SELECTION1 (NUMERIC)<BR> SELECTION2 (NUMERIC)<BR> SELECTION3 (NUMERIC)<BR> ... You get the idea ...<BR> ENTERED (DATE/TIME)<BR> <BR> Well, anyways.. the thing is each time a user entered his/her selection, you&#039d get a 1 for the one he choosed, and 0&#039s for the others... his IP (with request.servervariables("remote_IP_ADDR") or something like that), and the date or time he made the input..<BR><BR> That way, if you wanna have te total sum, you just call upon a SQL funct (count) for each selection, and the sum to get the total..<BR> <BR> If u don&#039t want the user to vote, then just verify his IP Addrs is not already in that table.. (any coulmn), and if you will let him vote twice after an amount of time, then, just check his input date..<BR><BR> No more around this way.<BR><BR> C ya all.<BR><BR> <BR> <BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Yes, but.....

    That would work fine and dandy for static IP people, but many people have dynamic IPs. An AOL dial-up user could sign on 30 times a day and have 30 different IPs.<BR><BR>I&#039ve seen this type of question posted many times. First, polls like these are not going to be scientific, and there is no possible way to prevent someone from voting twice unless you force them to logon to a database or something. Which, BTW, would probably have half the people not voting because of it.<BR><BR>Polls should be taken for what they&#039re worth... a general idea of how your web population is thinking.<BR>

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    Mauricio C. Guest

    Default Yer right..

    &nbsp;<BR> Yer completely right, I myself allow the same user to input an answer as many times as he/she wants...<BR><BR> I was just providing a possible solution to a problem.. if no twice posting is a MUST, I would go with the cookie, and reset it to "none" or 0 or any start value once the poll changes.. (or use DATE/TIME)

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    Default RE: Think I got watcha need

    Hi, I really liked that poll, really nice graphics on the results page! As for the blocking-stuff, I really would like to have it because if nothing else it might give the visitors the impression of a scientific poll:) If you post me the code, could you explain how that SQL code would look and how to reset the blocking (I&#039m sorry but I&#039m still new to programming)? Thanks!

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