3rd party versus CDONTS and others?

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Thread: 3rd party versus CDONTS and others?

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    I used a 3rd party mailing object but it could not handle the load. I just learned how to use CDONTS.NewMail. I read that it has queueing , but I&#039m not sure. I found another 3rd party compononet that has queueing. <BR>Some times i loop through thousands of emails to send them out.<BR>1)How can I build the loop to stop or wait or delay to help with this?<BR>2)Should I buy the 3rd party email com or use the CDONTS?<BR>

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    If all emails are the same message, you should not be sending them separately. You can send one message to dozens or hundreds of people simultaneously (if your email server can handle it) by simply stacking them all into the BCC address slot. Certainly the mechanism is nearly the same from the mail server&#039s point of view, but you can end up spending MUCH less time in your script.<BR><BR>I have successfully used other components as well. One is called OCXQmail. I have had a need to send multiple thousands of emails at one time, so what I did (to spread the server load) was to create batches of emails, each one scheduled xx minutes after the previous batch. The helped to &#039spread the load&#039 somewhat.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if this helps you at all... just woolgathering, I guess.

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