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    I am using cookies to add user selected items into a cart.<BR>The cookie goes like this<BR>Response.cookies(itemID)("VER_3") = itemID<BR><BR>Problem.<BR>The cookie collection does not allow more than 20 ITEMS to be selected.If user tries to add a 21st ITEM into the cart one item is deleted in the cookie collection and only then is this 21st item added into the cart.<BR><BR>How can I get around this problem...Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    &nbsp;<BR>Browsers may limit the total number of cookies they will store to as few as 300 cookies total. When this limit is reached, cookies are discarded beginning with the least recently used. <BR>The name and value of any given cookie must combine to be less than 4 kilobytes in size. This is plenty for most applications. If the cookie exceeds this size, it is trimmed automatically by the browser to the 4 kilobyte limit. <BR>Browsers may limit the number of cookies they will store to as few as 20 cookies per server or domain. This means that and may each set up to 20 cookies before the browser begins discarding old ones. <BR>

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