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    Users store data on SQL Server 7.0 through stored procedures in different asp pages and forms on our site.<BR>I need to retrieve some of the data about the user such as Salary and Date of Birth, which I need for other areas of the site which shouldn&#039t be stored on their machine as a cookie for obvious security issues. <BR>What is the most efficient way of doing this, using a number of Session Variables or Retrieving the Information from the Database which they stored it in, each time I need it?

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    It depends on where and when you need it.<BR><BR>Sessions are only available to the current user (and they&#039re heavy on the server) and exist only as long as the state ia maintained. Writing it to a DB makes it available to others and is more persistent.<BR><BR>Perhaps you could combine the two by keeping the data in a session and then writing it to the DB when the particular transaction is completed.

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