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    teamdork Guest

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    Can ASP be used to dynamically insert (#include) client-side JS into an HTML document so that the users can&#039t view the code?<BR><BR>thank you for any info!

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    Well let me see now, you want to hide client side code in a HTML document by including the client side code in the server side code.You can use the new version of ASP magic+, download from, www.whydontyouthinkbeforeyouask.com/git
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    teamdork Guest

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    Actually I was thinking of dynamically inserting plane text into the header of the HTML source code that would then be interpreted by the browser as JS. I was hoping that the browser would just interpret the code top-down line by line until it reached the include then the JS code would be dynamically inserted and it would interpret that and continue. I guess it can’t work like this, but being very new to programming I don’t really know why.

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    Terrance O Guest

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    What is it with people today who want to hide the HTML code from people, thuis aint the first request of this type today LOL

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