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    i has a date of birth field, there are three text box in the some row : day,month and year.<BR>what is code for continue writing without pressing the "tab" button to go to next text box?<BR> <BR>dataof birht&#060;input type=text name=day &#062;<BR> &#060;input type=text name=month &#062; <BR> &#060;input type=text name=year &#062;

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    Default Yes, can you?

    It is *VERY* difficult. You have to grab control of the keyboard, and you have to do that in different ways with different browsers.<BR><BR>Plus, what do you do about the case where the user inputs only a single digit vs. when he/she inputs two digits (e.g., today is the 6th, so only one digit. Next week is the 13th. Two digits. Do you propose to make the user enter 06 for today? How is that any more user-friendly than making them hit TAB?).<BR><BR>I strongly suggest you give this one up. It can be done, but it seems like a waste of time.<BR>

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