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    New ASP Guest

    Default Display TEXT in ASP?

    I want to display some text by using ASP.<BR><BR>This text are come from database. <BR>Say text1, text2...text10.<BR><BR>I want to display <BR><BR>text1 for 5 sec. <BR>and text2 for 5 sec. <BR>....<BR>text10 for 5 sec, <BR><BR>then back to display text1 for 5 sec....(LOOP)<BR><BR>Can I do this in ASP? Help me, thanks :)

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default No, you cannot do it that way

    For all intents and purposes, always believe that by the time you see your ASP page, ALL ASP code has already executed.<BR><BR>What you&#039re going to use is JavaScript, and the setTimeout command (look at the JScript reference on the left about this, I don&#039t remember all its properties off the top of my head). Basically, you can load your ASP text into JS variables, and then use the setTimeout and have it time to x amount of seconds.<BR><BR>Read up on that, and then repost if you have any questions.

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