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    Default <META> and javascript:history.back(1);

    Here is the problem.<BR>I submit data from one asp page to another.<BR>That page process the data ( database communication etc) and I need to get back to the same page where the data came from without showing any other page.<BR>I don’t want to redirect to this page, because it will still remain in browser’s history.<BR>I want to go back to previous page - the same way as user pressing the &#039Back&#039 button on the browser.<BR>I was thinking on some sort of auto refresh with &#060;meta&#062; tag:<BR>&#060;meta http-equiv=&#039Refresh&#039 content=&#0390 javascript:history.back(1);&#039&#062;<BR>But unfortunately I don’t know exact syntax of it.<BR>Maybe there is a better way to do something like this.<BR><BR>I’ll appreciate any help I can get<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Well,<BR><BR>I am not sure if no cache, will take it out of browser history,<BR>but<BR>check out www.irt.org they have good javascript stuff,and i am sure they have the syntax if anyone does, or try javascript.internet.com. <BR><BR>hth

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    Olivier Guest

    Default Just an idea ...

    Why don&#039t you just post your asp page to itself, and include all the logic that you need on top of the page.

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