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    Yes, I know that you already have a whole bunch of articles written on the topic but so does everyone else and I have no reached the point of total confusion. I&#039ve read 3 or 4 of your articles on System DSN, DSN-less and OLEDB but I am stil not sure which I should use. <BR><BR>What I am trying to accomlish it to have the database up on the intranet where authorized users can manipulate the database however they want or use the existing database in access if that is where they feel most comfortable. Obviously, the database must reside in one location and be updated if any changes are made the the access version or the web version. The Web Admin has given me space on the SQL server but I have yet to decide on how it will be accessing the database. <BR><BR>Security and performance are a major issue at this company and I was hoping that you could guide me to the best solution for this problem.

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    Well kristy, <BR>your right there are a lot of articles on which type of connection. What I,ve used is an ODBC DSN connection with MS Access and it works fine. If you need specifics you can email me at . or I might be able to help you with snippets here.

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