Contacting U.P.S. using ASP without a DLL

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Thread: Contacting U.P.S. using ASP without a DLL

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am looking for an alternative method of contacting United Parcel Service through ASP code WITHOUT using a DLL. I currently create a string of data and use atiups.dll from ATI Networks Inc to send the string to United Parcel Service. I then receive a string of data back from United Parcel Service. I believe atiups.dll is performing an "HTTP Post". My problem is that it is becoming extremely difficult to find a hosting company that will register the DLL (or any DLLs) on their NT Servers.<BR><BR>Because of this I am looking for an alternative method that produces the same results. I was told by one developer that he thought Java could be used instead of the DLL. Another developer told me that I should be able to use HTML. Neither developer could provide an example which would be very useful.<BR><BR>I would appreciate any suggestions and/or examples anyone can provide. My only requirements is that I use ASP and that I make the call to United Parcel Service "behind" the scenes.<BR><BR>I have attached my code snippet that I use to make the call to atiups.dll:<BR><BR>&#039Create UPS String&#060;A HREF="tscart.asp"&#062;tscart.asp&#060;/A&#062;<BR>msUPSString = "/using/services/rave/qcost_dss.cgi?"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "AppVersion=1.2&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "AcceptUPSLicenseAgreement=yes&"<BR>msUPSStrin g = msUPSString & "ResponseType=application/x-ups-rss&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "ActionCode=4&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "ServiceLevelCode=XX&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "RateChart=Regular+Daily+Pickup&"<BR>msUPSStri ng = msUPSString & "ShipperPostalCode=" & msOrigPostal & "&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "ConsigneePostalCode=" & msDestPostal & "&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "ConsigneeCountry=" & msDestCountry & "&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "PackageActualWeight=" & msWeight & "&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "ResidentialInd=1&"<BR>msUPSString = msUPSString & "PackagingType=00"<BR><BR>&#039Set the UPS object<BR>set objUPS = Server.CreateObject("ATIShipping.UpsMod.1")<BR><BR >&#039Contact UPS.<BR>msRet = objUPS.CalculateCost("GET", msUPSString, "HTTP/1.0", "", 80)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Richard Thornley

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    Hmm, tricky. Here&#039s an idea though - can you find a host that has the MSXML.dll installed - basically anyone who supports XML on the server-side? Shouldn&#039t be too hard.<BR><BR>You can then use the XMLHTTP object to create an HTTP POST and get the response. It doesn&#039t have to be XML that gets sent/returned using this object - just turn of all the parsing & validation options. See for more info...<BR><BR>Dunc

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