Alternate methods of form proccessing ?

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Thread: Alternate methods of form proccessing ?

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    Hi all<BR><BR>Submission and processing of a form:<BR><BR>Is it possible to have a form run a function to process the form and then recirect/transfer when finished. The function would hold all the usual code needed to process the form and would be included into the form page using SSI.<BR><BR>In other words how would I get a function/script to fire on an event like OnClick or OnSubmit etc. I am used to Javascripts DOM and was wondering if ASP/VBScript used anything similair ?<BR><BR>Other than having the action of a form pointing to another entire asp page to do the processing, are there any other techniques used in processing a form ?<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Jason

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    A common technique is to use a self-submitting form - the form submits itself to the same ASP page that generated it. It usually goes like this:<BR><BR>If Request.Form = "" Then<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Call WriteHTMLForm()<BR>Else<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Call ProcessForm()<BR>End If<BR><BR>Sub WriteHTMLForm()<BR>...<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Sub ProcessForm()<BR>...<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Dunc

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