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    Edward Callaghan Guest

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    Developer/Senior Developer – Database Systems (Full Time)<BR>Salary £20-25,000 ($32-40k) basic plus bonuses<BR><BR>Database Developer required for expanding multinational software company based in NW London with offices in Los Angeles. Working as part of a small team responsible for the analysis, design and development of database systems. Must have a minimum of 2 years’ solid commercial experience of tools including MS Access (97/2000), MS SQL Server 7, MS Visual Basic and related technologies. Very experienced and proficient candidates may be eligible for a Senior Developer role with OTE of £40,000 plus ($64+). Candidates will be given a practical test.<BR>Send your cv to - <BR>subject:aspmessagejobs<BR>

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    T.ramu Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>&#062; &#062;T.Ramu,<BR>&#062; &#062;no.2/1,sembada street, Saidapet west,<BR>&#062; &#062; Chennai - 600 015. INDIA<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062;----------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR><BR><BR>CURRICULAM VITAE<BR><BR> Experience :-<BR><BR> More than two and half years IT experience in ASP, HTML, VBSCRIPT,JAVA<BR> SCRIPT,Visual Basic5.0/6.0, MS SQL Server<BR> 6.5, Active-X<BR>&#062; &#062; Professional Accomplishment :-<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; M/S. SIDVIN MACHINERIES PRIVATE LIMITED, Mysore, India.<BR>&#062; &#062; As a Software Programmer in Software development Division-(November<BR>1997<BR>&#062; &#062;to till date)<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Objectives :-<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Good Planning and Monitoring Skills<BR>&#062; &#062; Very Good in Design, Development and Implementation of procedures<BR>&#062; &#062; Team work and Leadership<BR>&#062; &#062; Willingness to learn new things<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Skill Set :-<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; ASP 2.0 , IIS4.0<BR>&#062; &#062; HTML, VB SCRIPT,JAVA SCRIPT<BR>&#062; &#062; C++, VC++<BR>&#062; &#062; Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, SQL 6.5<BR>&#062; &#062; Visual Interdev 6.0 and Front page 98<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Project Summary :-<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; 1.ON-LINE Automation - A complete Automation of process<BR>&#062; &#062;involvingProduction<BR>&#062; planning and control,Inventory Management,<BR>&#062; sales orderProcessing,Purchase Order Processing, Financial Accounting<BR>&#062; System, Costing,Material Requirement and Planning,<BR>&#062; Central Excis<BR>&#062; &#062;e and Personnel Information System.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; I have involved in the design of Database Schema of Inventory<BR>&#062; Management, Production Planning & control, Personnel<BR>&#062; Information System and to some extent design of Sales Order Processing.<BR>&#062; Also involved in the design, coding & Testing. The<BR>&#062; Automation<BR>&#062; &#062;also involves Efficient report Generation . Areas of Concern<BR>&#062; and early warning signals. Developed Active-x control for<BR>&#062; scrolling through the Database. I was involved on-line in the Design<BR>&#062; Schema in which involves Inventory and production<BR>&#062; Planning &<BR>&#062; &#062;Control modules.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Environments :-<BR>&#062; &#062; Operating System : Windows 95, Windows NT<BR>&#062; &#062; Team Size : Four<BR>&#062; &#062; Responsibilities : Team Member, Design and coding<BR>&#062; &#062; GUI : Visual Basic 6.0 with SQL 6.5, HTML<BR>&#062; &#062; Web Application : ASP 2.0, VB Script, IIS 4.0<BR>&#062; &#062; Duration : 5 Months<BR>&#062; &#062; Client :sidvin industries pvt.Ltd.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; 2. Courier Transaction - The focus of this system is to track<BR>&#062; the consignment sent by the courier / client at any given point to<BR>&#062; time. This system comprises of major modules as Customer Information and<BR>&#062; Transaction Module.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Customer Module.<BR>&#062; &#062; Register particulars of Clients<BR>&#062; &#062; Post Necessary Information about the status of the consignment sent.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Transaction Module<BR>&#062; &#062; Updation with respect to the status of the consignment are registered.<BR>&#062; &#062; Maintains necessary Information about the consignment.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Environment :-<BR>&#062; &#062; Operating System : Windows 95, Windows NT<BR>&#062; &#062; Team Size : Four<BR>&#062; &#062; Responsibilities : Team Member, Design and coding<BR>&#062; &#062; GUI : Visual Basic 6.0 with MS Access 7.0,HTML<BR>&#062; &#062; Web Application : ASP 2.0, VB Script, IIS 4.0<BR>&#062; &#062; Duration : 4 Months<BR>&#062; &#062; Client :sree siddhivinayaka machinery & equipments pvt.Ltd<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; 3. On-line Shopping - This Application would help people to shop<BR>&#062; their desired item from any part of the world. Infact this<BR>&#062; software is based on the procedure of normal shopping, with which<BR>&#062; any person familiar. A person visits the market in view of<BR>&#062; &#062;purchasing some products the corresponding shop, chooses the item<BR>&#062; necessary, pays the vendor the price of the item &<BR>&#062; quits.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062;Likewise, this software is designed to facilitate the shopper<BR>&#062; to purchase on-line. Here he can visit vendors website, choose<BR>&#062; the article which he is interested in and exits the web site by<BR>&#062; providing his account number or credit card number or some de<BR>&#062; &#062;tails of transactions and quits transactions and quits transactions<BR>&#062; and cash form his account is credited on-line.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Environment :-<BR>&#062; &#062; Operating System : Windows 95, Windows NT<BR>&#062; &#062; Team Size : Four<BR>&#062; &#062; Responsibilities : Analysis, Design, Testing and Coding<BR>&#062; &#062; GUI : Visual Basic 6.0 with SQL 6.5, HTML<BR>&#062; &#062; Web Application : ASP 1.0, VB Script, IIS 3.0<BR>&#062; &#062; Durations : 5 Months<BR>&#062; &#062; Client : sidvin machineries pvt. Ltd<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; 4. Shares Mortgage System - As a Programmer, worked on the project<BR>&#062; Shares Mortgage System. The project shares<BR>&#062; Mortgage System involves the shares transaction that takes place<BR>&#062; between a client and the Financial Institution. The project is<BR>&#062; divided in<BR>&#062; &#062;to a two modules.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Script Module :-<BR>&#062; &#062; In the Script Module the database maintains the script values<BR>&#062; of all shares that the financial institution accepts for mortgage<BR>&#062; and keeps track of particular script for the next five changes.<BR>&#062; The financial institution can even add new script for mo<BR>&#062; &#062;rtgage. The database also keeps track of the Depreciation Percentage of<BR>&#062; &#062;all the shares.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Customer Module :-<BR>&#062; &#062;In the customer module the database keeps track of all the customer<BR>&#062; records like Address, Guarantor Name , Credit Limit, his<BR>&#062; Account Balance the last ten withdrawals, the shares he has kept<BR>&#062; for mortgage and their values on the date the share was<BR>&#062; acc<BR>&#062; &#062;epted by the financial institution for mortgage. The final report<BR>&#062; gives the daily transaction that has taken place in the<BR>&#062; institution the amount withdrawn by the customer etc.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Environment :-<BR>&#062; &#062; Team Size : Four<BR>&#062; &#062; Responsibilities : Coding and Testing GUI : Visual Basic 5.0 with SQL<BR>&#062; &#062;6.5<BR>&#062; &#062; Durations : 5 Months<BR>&#062; &#062; Client : sree siddhivinayaka finance.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; 5. Sales Order Processing System - As a programmer worked on<BR>&#062; the project Sales order proceeding System involved in<BR>&#062; maintaining the sales orders and customers complaints and also<BR>&#062; generates the acknowledgment letter simultaneously. The<BR>&#062; system also h<BR>&#062; &#062;as provision for generating daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales<BR>&#062; and complaint reports. Purchase vendors, Vendor-Item<BR>&#062; relationship, Vendor contracts and requisitions of ware houses.<BR>&#062; &#062; It has facilities<BR>&#062; to raise purchase orders of multiple items and also based on<BR>requisitions<BR>&#062; and<BR>&#062; it has provision for inquires and report generation. This Project<BR>&#062; involves Order Entry, Shipping, I<BR>&#062; &#062;nvoicing, Customer Maintenance Functions of order entry were<BR>implemented.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062;Environment :-<BR>&#062; &#062; Team Size : Four<BR>&#062; &#062; Responsibilities : Coding and Testing GUI : Visual Basic 5.0 with SQL<BR>&#062; &#062;6.5<BR>&#062; &#062; Durations : 4 Months<BR>&#062; &#062; Client : sree siddhivinayaka machinery & equipments pvt.Ltd<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; 6. Payroll and Personnel Information System - A highly Parameterized<BR>&#062; Information software which gives complete information of<BR>&#062; the employees of an Organisation, their wage particulars. Tax Details,<BR>&#062; Attendance and other related activities. This has been<BR>&#062; &#062;designed in such a way that users can define their own calculation<BR>&#062; of wage particulars based on the norms of the<BR>&#062; Organisation.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Involved in the design of Database Schema, coding, Testing &<BR>&#062; Screen and interface design. Also involved in the design of<BR>&#062; various reports like Salary Slip, PF Statement, Income Tax Statement<BR>&#062; etc. Also participated in the development of an Active-x<BR>&#062; tool<BR>&#062; &#062;displays all the Employees of the Organisation based on various<BR>&#062; search and filter criteria like Department, Grade and<BR>&#062; Designation. This tool will automatically run on the start up of the<BR>&#062; package.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Environment :-<BR>&#062; &#062; Team Size : Four<BR>&#062; &#062; Responsibilities : Coding and Testing GUI : Visual Basic 5.0 with MS<BR>&#062; &#062;Access<BR>&#062; &#062; Durations : 5 Months<BR>&#062; &#062; Client : sidvin industries pvt.Ltd.<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Academic Background :-<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; - Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering<BR>&#062; from THE INDIAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Madurai<BR>&#062; Kamaraj University - Year 1992 ( Percentage 62.5% )<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; - MCSD from Microsoft Corporation, Washington (VB 5.0, SQL 6.5,<BR>Windows<BR>&#062; &#062;Architecture 1 & 2)<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; - Higher Secondary Examination ( XII - Standard ) -Percentage 74.8 %<BR>&#062; &#062; - S.S.L.C. ( X - Standard ) - Percentage 67.2 %<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; &#062; Personnel Details :-<BR>&#062; &#062; Marital Status : Married<BR>&#062; &#062; Nationality : Indian<BR>&#062; &#062; Sex : Male<BR>&#062; &#062; Date of Birth : 25/05/1971<BR>&#062; &#062; Passport Details : A1588121<BR>&#062; &#062;<BR>&#062; T.Ramu<BR>&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Prakash G Ruparelia Guest

    Default RE: ASP/VB Developers needed in London, UK

    -----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>CURRICULUM VITAE PRAKASH G RUPARELIA<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR> Skill Set : VB, ASP<BR> Experience : 9 Months<BR> Date : 15th Sep - 2000<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>OBJECTIVE<BR><BR> I am young and self-motivated individual seeking <BR> an environment having club of new technology and <BR> sprit to great success, where I can utilize my skills <BR> and knowledge as an Employee for the growth of <BR> the company.<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>EDUCATION<BR><BR> Diploma Engineering ( Plastics ) <BR> from Govt. Polytechnic, Ahmedabad in Oct - 1994.<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>ACADEMIC RECORD<BR><BR> Diploma Engg. - 76 %<BR> H.S.C. - 52 %<BR> S.S.C. - 82 %<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>FIELD OF INTREST<BR><BR> Computer Programming -<BR> precisely "Internet Programming".<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>COMPUTER SKILS <BR><BR> OS : DOS, Windows (95/98)<BR> Language : VB, ASP, HTML<BR> VBScript, JavaScript<BR> Data Base : MS-Access, Oracle<BR> Applications : MS Office, FrontPage<BR> RAD : Visual InterDev<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>WORK EXPERIENCE<BR> <BR>IT Industries : 9 Months <BR> Current Job : At &#039Planetace&#039 - Rajkot<BR> Post : (VB-ASP) Programmer<BR> Since : 22-12-1999<BR><BR>Plastics Industries : ~35 Months <BR> Last Job : At &#039Battenfield (I) Ltd.<BR> (German Company)<BR> - Ahmedabad<BR> Post : As an Engineer<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>PROJECTS DONE<BR><BR> Type : Web Application<BR> Status : In-House<BR> Name : Message Board<BR> Languages : ASP, VBScript<BR> Environment : Visual InterDev<BR> Database : MS-Access<BR> Functionality :<BR> <BR> - One can View any of the Message<BR> - One can Post or Reply to any of the Message by <BR> Submitting his/her Name, Subject and Email<BR> - Replied Message positions under the that <BR> particular Message for which the Reply has <BR> been made<BR> - Any Message can be on the Net for period of <BR> 15 days <BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR> Type : Web Application<BR> Status : In-House<BR> Name : e-Greetings<BR> Languages : ASP, VBScript<BR> Environment : Visual InterDev<BR> Database : MS-Access<BR> Functionality :<BR><BR> - Select the Card from the different categories <BR> - Having full preview of the Card with Card editing <BR> features<BR> - Mail a Card towards one or more Recipients <BR> - Recipients receives the unique ID, with that one <BR> can able to pick the Card<BR> - Sender gets the confirmation when Recipient picks <BR> the Card <BR> - One can also maintain his/her routine events for <BR> which he/she can be formal, by this feature <BR> he/she gets message 15 days prior for his/her <BR> incoming event to send e-Card<BR> - Cards can also be send for any incoming one <BR> month date<BR> - Cards can be available for Recipient for 30 days <BR> on the Net<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR> Type : Client-Server App.<BR> Status : In-House<BR> Name : Customer Related <BR> Management Sys.<BR> Languages : VB-6.0<BR> Database : MS-Access<BR> Report : Crystal Reports<BR> Functionality :<BR><BR> - Master data entry forms, by which database can <BR> be able to hold the collection of static data<BR> - Transaction forms, by which routine Marketing, <BR> Orders, Qcc, Payments etc. related data can able <BR> to store in database<BR> - With the use of Crystal Report, one can gets <BR> the defined query outputs<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>PERSONAL <BR><BR> Birth Date : 24-10-1973<BR> Cast & Religion : Patel - Hindu <BR> Marital Status : Single<BR> Nationality : Indian<BR> Gender : Male<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>AMBITION<BR> <BR> To be an expert Internet Programmer and <BR> a good human being.<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>CONTACTS<BR><BR> Email :<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>NOTE : TRAINING ACCETABLE ....<BR><BR>THANKS ...<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>

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    Muhammad Kashif Guest

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    Muhammad Kashif<BR>A-13 Rabia Villas<BR>KDA Scheme # 33<BR>Main University Road<BR>Karachi – 75400 Pakistan<BR>Tel: 092-21-4976392<BR>Date of birth: 25-04-1974<BR><BR><BR>Objective: To meet would be challenges of computer world<BR><BR>Qualification: <BR> · Studying in M.B.A (M.I.S) from Preston University Karachi Campus.<BR> · Bachelor of Commerce from Govt. Premier College Karachi. 1998.<BR> · Intermediate in Pre-Medical from Intermidiate Board Karachi. 1996. <BR> · Metric (Science) from Karachi Cambridge Boys Secondry School Karachi. 1991.<BR> <BR>Certification:<BR> MCP in Visual Basic 5.0.<BR> <BR>Skills:<BR> · Operating System: Dos, Unix, Windows95/98, Windows NT 4.0<BR> · Databases: MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0, Ms Access, Oracle 7.0, FoxPro <BR> · Web Development Tool: Active Server Pages, DHTML Application, Inter Dev,<BR> MS Front Page <BR> · Software Development Tool: Visual Basic5/6.0, Oracle Form 3.0, SQL Plus<BR> · Report Writer: Crystal Report, RPT, Linear Report,data Report<BR> · Languages: Basic, MF Cobol 3.2, C-Language, Workbench 3.2<BR> · Scripting Languages: Java Script, VB Script<BR> · Web Server: IIS 4.0,MS Personal Web Server<BR> · Internet & Others: Netscape 4.02, MS Word, MS Excel, Dbase III, Lotus,<BR> and Data Structure<BR> · C.I.W: Certified Internet Webmaster from Sysnet Education (Pvt.) Ltd.<BR> · Hosting: PKNIC / INTERNIC.<BR> · Internet & Others: Netscape 4.02, MS Word, MS Excel, Dbase III, Lotus,<BR> and Data Structure<BR> <BR><BR>Experience: <BR>· EfroTech Services, Karachi:<BR> Information Technology Company: April 1999 to Date<BR><BR> Projects: <BR> Payroll Accounting System ( Visual Basic 5/6.0, MS Access, MS Sql Server 7.0,<BR> Crystal Report )<BR> Inventory Control System ( Visual Basic 5/6.0, MS Access, MS Sql Server 7.0, <BR> Crystal Report )<BR> Time Management ( Visual Basic 5/6.0, MS Access, Crystal Report )<BR> Accounting System ( Visual Basic 5/6.0, MS Access, Crystal Report )<BR><BR><BR> Web Site:<BR> Under Construction online gift delivery service on the internet.<BR> Gateway International Corporation contracted this site to EfroTech Services.It had a simple <BR> caltalog that was updated manually, a back end system to take order and place them through<BR> email to the Courier for delivery. <BR><BR> is database web site to display Textile related local new,<BR> International new,Stock exchange new,Currency rate,and so on. <BR><BR> it a static site for Efroze Chemicals Industries company having basic <BR> asp programs,Banner advertisment program and Tip of the day etc.<BR><BR> it is a dynamic site for sign board advertisements booking having<BR> all the required feature to display statistics of a sign board. It has a basic administration<BR> section to control the site contents. <BR><BR> it is a static site for Personal web site for the director of <BR> Efroze Chemicals Industries company having a online oppointment system, Email Subscribe<BR> And unsubcribe etc. <BR><BR>Using Developing Tool<BR><BR>( Active Server Pages, Inter Dev, MS Front Page, Java Script,<BR>VB Script, IIS 4.0, MS Personal Web Server, MS Sql Server 7.0 )<BR><BR>· Crystal System & Solution, Karachi:<BR> Information Technology Company: October 1998 to April 1999.<BR><BR> Projects: <BR> Payroll Accounting System ( Visual Basic 5.0, MS Access, MS Sql Server 6.5,<BR> Crystal Report )<BR> Inventory Control System ( Visual Basic 5.0, MS Access, MS Sql Server 6.5, <BR> Crystal Report )<BR> Distributor System ( Fox Pro ) <BR> Travel Agency ( Fox Pro Convert into Visual Basic 5.0 )<BR><BR>· KPMG (Peat Marwick), Karachi:<BR> Information Technology Practice Company: June 1997 to September 1998.<BR><BR> Projects: <BR> Payroll Accounting System ( Micro Focus Cobol [GUI ] ) <BR> Inventory Control System ( Micro Focus Cobol [GUI ] ) <BR> Share Accounting System ( Micro Focus Cobol [GUI ] ) <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    CURRICULUM - VITAE<BR>NAME : PHOBY PAUL C.<BR><BR>Experience :<BR>I am having a total experience of 3 years as Programmer Analyst <BR>involved in the system study, design, development and implementation <BR>stages of various projects.<BR><BR>OBJECTIVES<BR>a. To seek a challenging position which gives me an<BR>opportunity as Software Engineer <BR>b. To seek a position which provides me a foundation<BR>for future growth in the IT industry.<BR>PERSONAL PROFILE<BR>Date of Birth : 6th December 1972<BR>Present Address : c/o Mr. Lin Kuriokose, 2 - Leela Nilayam,Jose <BR> Compound Sahar Villege,Andheri(E), Mumbai<BR> Phone: +91-22-6536196/95/80/85(off)<BR>Permanent Address : Chittissery House, Palakkal Post,<BR>Trichur Thrissur Dt.,Kerala - 680 027.<BR> Phone: +91-487-342736.<BR>E-mail Address :<BR>Sex : Male Marital Status : Single<BR>Passport No. : A - 3425109 Nationality : Indian<BR>Linguistic Ability : English, Hindi and Malayalam.<BR>EDUCATION<BR>· Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Pune,Maharashtra.<BR><BR>· Bachelors Degree in Science - B.Sc (Physics) from Calicut University, Kerala<BR><BR>SKILL SET<BR>Hardware : PC with Pentium Processor<BR>Languages : VB 6.0/5.0,C,C++,HTML,ASP,VB Script<BR>Data Base : MS Access, Foxpro 2.6,Oracle 8.x<BR>Technologies : DAO,ADO and Crystal Report 4.0/7.0<BR>Operating System : Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and MS-DOS 6.22<BR>Reading : ASP 2.0,Java<BR>Professional Training and Continuing Education :<BR>Training in Java at Mumbai,India<BR><BR>PROFESSIONAL PROFILE<BR>Total IT Experience : 36 Months<BR>1. INDUS SOFTWARE PVT.LTD. (IS0 9001 Company)<BR>Position : Analyst<BR>Duration : From April 2000 till now. <BR>Job Profile : Involved in Development & Testing <BR> Implementation & Trouble shooting at Client <BR> end. <BR><BR>PROJECTS WORKED ON<BR>a. LSI 2.1(Lending solutions from Indus)<BR>Plat form : Visual Basic 6.0,Visual C++,ORACLE 8.x, <BR> ADO,Crystal reports <BR>Team Size : 30 <BR>Details :Since Our company is an ISO 9001 company, all products have to satisfy certain norms.Mainly I involved in the customised development of LSI.This software includes all the types of Loans. <BR>This includes three types of modules<BR> ICAPS - Here we are entering all the details of Applicant<BR> RMS - This Repayment Module System gives the details about Repayment Module <BR> Collection - This is for collecting Loan Amount<BR><BR>Our Clients :<BR> 1) GE CAPITAL <BR> 2) ICICI (The biggest Commercial Bank in India)<BR> 3) Kotak Mahindra <BR> 4) Union Bank Of Colombo and etc.<BR> 5) ABN AMRO<BR> 6) IDFC <BR>b. Development of Web Application,TAT(Turn Around Time)<BR>Client : ICICI Ltd.<BR>Platform : Windows NT 4.0<BR>Technology : ASP, HTML,Oracle 8.x<BR> VBScript for Server side scripting<BR>Application : Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0<BR> Microsoft FrontPage 2000<BR>Team Size : 2<BR>Details :Coding and Testing. A loan Applicant&#039s Application is passing through various hands of Authorities. <BR><BR>c. Development of Web Application, CDPL (Consumer Durables/Personal Loans)<BR>Client : ICICI Ltd.<BR>Technology : ASP, HTML,Oracle 8.x<BR> VBScript for Server side scripting<BR>Team Size : 2<BR>Details :Coding and Interacting with Customers are included. It consists of data entry forms relating to Consumer durables and Personal loans. The user has to enter the required fields and rest were calculated as per the user inputs.There were various reports related <BR>to disbursement of loan. <BR> <BR>2. CAMELLIA CONSULTANTS LTD., Mumbai. (Sister Concern of CAMLIN Ltd.)<BR>Position : Programmer<BR>Duration : From JAN 99 March - 2000. (15 months)<BR>Job Profile : Involved in Development & Testing,Implementation & Trouble shooting at Client end.<BR><BR>PROJECTS WORKED ON<BR>a.Customer Database Software<BR>Plat form : VB 6.0/ MS Access/ Win95/ ADO/ Crystal Reports<BR>Client : EAC Trading Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai<BR>Duration : 5 Months<BR>Team Size : 2<BR>Details :Involved in Coding, Testing & Implementation of Customer <BR>Database System. A list of enquires for quotations, follow-ups with <BR>customers. Customised reports on the basis of region, sales <BR>representatives size in Crystal Reports, parts stock statement and<BR>their valuation based on purchase or sale price.Purchase provision <BR>statement, list of machines and their problems in their specified <BR>format, Sale of parts / service charges collected between two <BR>datesprovided by them.<BR><BR>b.Financial Accounting System<BR>Platform : VB 6.0/ MS Access/ Win95/ ADO/ Crystal Reports<BR>Client : Prince Pipes & Fittings Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai<BR>Duration : 2 Months<BR>Team Size : 3<BR>Details :Involved in Coding and Testing of Financial <BR>Accounting System. The prime function of the system is to maintain <BR>Accounts of the company through entry of cash & Bank Vouchers, <BR>Sales & Purchase Invoices and Journal Vouchers. It provides all <BR>statutory reports of accounts like Cash Book, Bank Book, Purchase <BR>& Sales Registers, Ledgers, Trial Balance, etc. MIS reports like <BR>Ageing Analysis of Receivables & Payables, Profit & Loss, Balance <BR>Sheet etc. are also included. <BR><BR>c.Fixed Deposit System<BR>Plat form : VB 6.0/ MS Access/ Win95/ FoxPro / Crystal <BR> Reports<BR>Client : Enam Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai<BR>Duration : 6 Months<BR>Team Size : 2<BR>Details :Involved in Coding, Testing & Implementation of Fixed <BR>Deposit System. This system accepts applications as input. List of<BR>applications is then send to the Principles. Commission receivable <BR>from Principles & Brokerage is calculated by the system. It provides<BR>reports like Daily Collection Statement, Daily Collection Receipts <BR>Repayment Reports, Rejected Reports, Outstanding Brokerage Receivable, <BR>Matured Forms, Fresh/Renewed Forms, Letters to Managers, Letters to <BR>Companies, Pay-slip to Bank and other reports are printed by the system.<BR><BR>d.Financial Accounting System<BR>Plat form : VB 6.0/ Foxpro 2.6/ Win95/ Crystal Reports<BR>Client : Dandekar Adhesives Limited, Mumbai.<BR>Duration : 2 Months<BR>Team Size : 3<BR>Details :Involved in developing Crystal Reports & Testing of Financial <BR>Accounting System. My main role in the project was developing reports <BR>in Crystal reports. Customised reports of accounts like Cash, Bank Book,<BR>Purchase & Sales Register, Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance <BR>Sheet, etc. were also included.I commissioned the project and gave <BR>training to users at the clients end.<BR><BR>3 SPACENET PVT. LTD., Trichur, Kerala<BR>Position : Programmer<BR>Duration : June 97 to September 98 (16 Months)<BR>Job Profile : Involved in Development & Design, Maintenance & <BR> Implementation of existing systems.<BR><BR>PROJECTS WORKED ON<BR>a. Maintenance & Converting an Existing AccountingSystem<BR>Plat form : VB 5.0/ MS Access/ Win95/ MS Dos 6.22<BR>Duration : 10 Months<BR>Team Size : 1<BR>Details :Involved as a sole member in the Maintenance & Enhancement<BR>of existing Accounting System developed by the company. Generated <BR>new reports required by thecompany in Crystal Reports.<BR><BR>b. Inventory Handling System & Invoicing<BR>Plat form : VB 5.0/ FoxPro 2.6/ Win95<BR>Client : Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala, Mala, Kerala.<BR>Duration : 4 Months.<BR>Team Size : 2<BR>Details :Involved in Development, Design and Implementation of<BR>Inventory Handling System with Invoicing. Reports and<BR>detailed information of stocks and eloborate data on<BR>Inventory and invoice printing were made available.<BR>HOBBIES : Reading Novels & Computer magazines,<BR>Listening to music, Internet-surfing & House keeping.<BR><BR>c. Doctor Project<BR>Plat form : VB 6.0/ MS Access/ Win95/ ADO/ CrystalReports<BR>Duration : 4 Months<BR>Team Size : 1<BR>Details :Involved in Designing and Coding. This software is mainly <BR>for Doctors to keep the database of their patients. It includes Family <BR>Details, Medical records of Patient. Speciality of this Project is the<BR>inclusion of Reminder.<BR><BR>Place :<BR>Date : Phoby Paul<BR>

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