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    Ashy Guest

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    I have a Cookie which will work on a PWS but does not on a live Unix server. The cookie sets but it is empty! The code I am using is:<BR><BR>if p_password = real_password then<BR> &#039password is good<BR> Response.cookies("isLoggedInAs")("username")=p_use rname<BR> Response.cookies("isLoggedInAs")("URL")=p_url<BR> if p_save = "yes" then<BR> Response.cookies"isLoggedInAs").expires=#December3 1, 2001 00:00:00#<BR> end if<BR>

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    303 Guest

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    Had a similar problem myself. Making the first letter in the cookie name capital solved it for me. Like ("IsLoggedInAS"). I also shortend my name to be no more than 8 chars, but I don&#039t think thats nessesary.<BR><BR>The date format can also be a problem, however, u should then get an error informing you of this (I&#039m swedish and needs to convert between swedish and english dates, that might has something to do with it the fact that I get this error alot).<BR><BR>Good Luck !<BR>/303

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    Ashy Guest

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    Tried renaming cookie to Logged but the same problem still occurs. Even tried changing the # sign to quotes.

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