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    Hi folks...I&#039ve been searching the net late into the night trying to find out what I need to do to take my new website to the next level. I have in my head that I want to create a site that allows graphic artists to upload images to be voted on by a panel of judges. The design of the site is done and it will be at in the next couple of days. But for right now you can view it at<BR><BR>Do I need ASP to create the Upload idea? And I want folks to have to be members and log in so do I need ASP for that? Do I need to learn ASP, or is there someplace I can go on the net to find ASP programers who will help for a reasonable price (or partnership in the site?)<BR><BR>I&#039d love to learn ASP actually, but is it something you can learn totally on your own when you&#039ve never had any kind of programing? Here in Little Joplin, Missouri there&#039s not much in the way of classes to take. <BR><BR>One more question... 4 guys from that Rolla Missouri? If so, that&#039s neat...almost neighbors! How in the world did you learn ASP in Rolla if that be the smaller then Joplin isn&#039t it? <BR><BR>Thanks for any answers anyone can give a lost newbie out here who is learning everything all on her own. I do feel lost out here sometimes, and very lost when it comes to ASP and tech stuff. I&#039m an artist at heart, and not very tech minded for sure.

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    You definitely need ASP if you&#039re going to have members logging in...<BR><BR>You can learn it... And if you do you cant do better than buy the book Learn ASP in 21 days, as listed on this site. (see left hand margin) It certainly helped me.<BR><BR>But it is quite a big job to learn ASP - it will take you more than 21 days!<BR><BR>The alternatives are to get someone to code for you... This site is a great source of technical help (including this message board).<BR><BR>Dont know about other questions...

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