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    Hi,<BR>I use Win98 and MS Access 2000 as my database and have PWS installed.<BR>And i am thinking of purchasing this book "Beginner ASP 3.0" as Amazon.com does not seem to have 2.0 (i have to order from overseas)..is that a good choice?<BR>Thanks and regards.<BR>

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    If you mean the WROX book, then yes, it is a good book.<BR><BR>It is not perfect--none of them are--but it&#039s pretty good for beginners.<BR><BR>

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    Either of the following should learn ya a thing or two:<BR><BR>isbn: 156592861x<BR>isbn: 1565926730<BR><BR>Mind you, isbn: 0782126197 is the best ASP book on the market (currently)<BR><BR>:)<BR>EIEIO

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