CGI/Perl is it worth learning?

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Thread: CGI/Perl is it worth learning?

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    I see a lot of job opportunities for CGI/Perl programmers..<BR>Quick question.. Is there anything I can do with CGI/Perl if I decide to learn to code it that I cannot do better with ASP, ASP Components, or ASP and Java/VBscript?<BR><BR>Thanks for any insight.

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    Do you have any current knowledge. There are alot of job opportunities for ASP/VB programmers also. The end product is the same but the method to get there is vastly different. You will find that learning ASP/VBScript to be easier than CGI/Perl.

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    Realization for the day:<BR>* Perl is no more CGI than VBScript is ASP. *<BR><BR>Perl is the language that all other scripting languages want to be -- either directly or because of it&#039s popularity. (Currently I&#039m thinking Python has the best shot at picking up both.) VBScript actively struggles to present itself as a competitor to Perl.<BR><BR>Is CGI worth learning? It&#039s good to have the theory -- but generally it&#039s a bit dated. It shouldn&#039t be a top priority.<BR><BR>Is Perl worth learning? For any server-using web developer, yes. See (the May 2000) issue and for fabulous Perl resources -- ActiveState even has stuff which lets you write ASP Components in Perl. (Catch is that you have to pay for the .dll compiler & other power tools -- but the PerlScript language is free, if you&#039re happy enough with that.)<BR><BR>HiH<BR>SPG

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