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    Kevin Guest

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    Could someone help me display this email in HTML format?<BR>&#060;% <BR> Dim access<BR> Dim strrequiredDate, strrequiredFname, strrequiredLname, strrequiredTitle, strrequiredRphone, strrequiredLocation, strrequiredStatus, strContract, strrequiredAname, strrequiredAemail, strrequiredAphone, strrequiredLevel, strrequiredrequesttype<BR> <BR> <BR> strrequiredDate=Request.Form("requiredDate")<BR> strrequiredFname=Request.Form("requiredFname")<BR> strrequiredLname=Request.Form("requiredLname")<BR> strrequiredTitle=Request.Form("requiredTitle")<BR> strrequiredRphone=Request.Form("requiredRphone")<B R> strrequiredLocation=Request.Form("requiredLocation ")<BR> strrequiredStatus=Request.Form("requiredStatus")<B R> strContract=Request.Form("Contract")<BR> strrequiredrequesttype=Request.Form("requiredreque sttype")<BR> strrequiredAname=Request.Form("requiredAname")<BR> strrequiredAemail=Request.Form("requiredAemail")<B R> strrequiredAphone=Request.Form("requiredAphone")<B R> strrequiredLevel=Request.Form("requiredLevel")<BR> <BR> strBody=strBody & "DATE :" &strrequiredDate& vbcrlf & "FIRST NAME :" &strrequiredFname& vbcrlf & "LAST NAME :" &strrequiredLname& vbcrlf & "TITLE :" &strrequiredTitle& vbcrlf & "PHONE :" &strrequiredRphone& vbcrlf & "LOCATION :" &strrequiredLocation& vbcrlf & "STATUS :" &strrequiredStatus& vbcrlf & "CONTRACT LEGNTH :" &strContract& vbcrlf & "REQUEST TYPE :" &strrequiredrequesttype& vbcrlf & "ACCESS LEVEL :" &strrequiredLevel& vbcrlf & "Manager/Director Name:" &strrequiredAname& vbcrlf & "Manager/Director Email:" &strrequiredAemail& vbcrlf & "Manager/Director Phone:" &strrequiredAphone<BR> <BR> SET access = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> access.To = ""<BR> access.From = ""<BR> access.Bcc = ""<BR> access.Subject = "Test"<BR> access.Body = strBody<BR> access.Send<BR> Response.Write("Your Request Has Been Sent!!")<BR> <BR> Set access = nothing<BR><BR> %&#062;

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    You need to specify the BodyFormat and MailFormat types. Check here for more info:<BR>

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    Kevin Guest

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    Thanks for the info. Leo, it really help out alot!

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