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    shawn. Guest

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    Here is a quick question. We use frontpage (don&#039t ask) here to upload our files to the web erver. What I&#039ve noticed is that when I test adding and updating records on PWS, everything works fine. Once I upload the files to the web server using FrontPage, I get "Database or object is read-only" errors. Does FrontPage do something to databases when they upload them? Or is this a problem with the web server itself? Has anyone else run across this problem? Unfortunately, switching to something other than FrontPage is not an option. Thanks!

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    Fred Guest

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    Sometimes you will need to contact your ISP and get them to set the permissions for your db.<BR><BR>They normally go to the server read only.<BR><BR>Don&#039t know if there is a way round it.<BR><BR>HTH

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