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    I think this is a simple question, yet I can&#039t find an answer. I have a simple one table access db, tracking equipment sent out to a mfg for repair. Sender fills in date, ra #, user name... click submit and the data goes into the table. I used Frontpage&#039s db results to display the data in the table below the form. all is good and works fine.<BR>Now, two weeks go by and the machine returns from being repaired - he is the question - How can I add a button to return to the original record and update the "date returned column" and close out the record?<BR>Seems so easy, yet I am so new to this it&#039s tough.<BR>Sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks!

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    Go to this page, I just recently learned how and this page helped a lot;<BR>www.microsoft.com/accessdev/articles/movs202.htm<BR>Hope it helps, good luck

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