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    Anyone have any idea how to generate a random shopping cart id with letters? For the number part, I&#039ll use random-does anything exist like that for letters?<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    What is it today with this question? Why does it have to be letters?<BR><BR>Ahh well... here&#039s something that may help. This code will generate a five-byte random string (this would best be utilized as a function, by the way...):<BR><BR>&lt;%<BR>dim intX, intMaxLen, intRand, strRand<BR>intMaxLen = 5 &#039 Let&#039s say we want a five-character string<BR>randomize<BR>strRand = "" &#039 Because who knows how you&#039re going to use this code?<BR>for x = 1 to intMaxLen<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;intRand = int((rnd * 26))<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;strRand = strRand & chr(65 + intRand)<BR>next<BR>response.write "Sample code was &#039" & strRand & "&#039&lt;br&gt;"<BR>%&gt;

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    Why does it have to be letters? Letters just look better. Anyways thanks for your idea, its much appreciated.

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