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    Becy Guest

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    Please please can someon ehelp me split up my search results to bring back only ten at a time, I have it so that it displays the first ten, but dont know what to make the link to get the following 10 and so on...<BR><BR>please would someone be so kind to look at my coding?<BR><BR>thanks so much..<BR><BR>Becy

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    Malachy Guest

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    There is a very good article on this at http://www.learnasp.com/learn/dbtablepaged.asp. This should have everything your looking for.

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    Dhanasekaran Ramaswami Guest

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    Hi there,<BR> Use a store procedure that will accept a primary key field as parameter. U have to pass the last record&#039s primary key and retrieve the next 10 records. Is that ok?

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    Becy Guest

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    Thanks alot Dhanasekaran<BR><BR>this is all the code i have at the moment<BR><BR>&#060;a HREF="product.asp?Page=&#060;% =iPage + 1 %&#062;&amp;mscsshopperid=&#060;% = mscsShopperID %&#062;"&#062;Next Page&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>does it look ok to you? It does say its linking to page 1, but then just chucks you back to the search page with all the options instead of displaying the next records.<BR><BR>Sorry, hope that makes sense, dont mean to be vague but i am still at my learning stage...thanks

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