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    I know this question could span an answer of a number of pages but I am confused to say the least.<BR><BR>Changing to two-tier app into a web based app?????<BR><BR>Quick overview of two-tier app:<BR>We have an app that is written in visual basic 6. The app allows the end user to query an sql db. If records are found they are sent back to the end user and displayed in a data grid. From the grid a user selects a record and the tiff images related to the record are displayed.<BR><BR>How can we change this type of application into a web based app.<BR>And what is the best/easiest method to follow.<BR><BR>DHTML or ASP and were does XML come into it??<BR><BR>Thanks for the help.<BR>

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    Well ASP is a for sure if your going to be running IIS for the web server... ASP can do the query and the SQL stuff for ya... then after that you have 3 options... all relate to how you need/want to present the data to your end user... DHTML/HTML you can use if you just want to display results back and maybe if the click on something display more info.... XML if you want to play in new technology and need that results grid to do some stuff, like be able to re-order info (sorting) or re-query again based on your new results... and then you COULD take how your VB app did it and just turn that code into a active-X object and then put it back in a web page. <BR>enjoy!<BR>

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