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    Fraser Murrell Guest

    Default Undefined Variable Detection

    Hi,<BR><BR>Using JSCRIPT, I`m trying to detect if a variable is as yet undefined.<BR><BR>If I try :<BR><BR>var Mode;<BR><BR>if(Mode == undefined)<BR> Response.Write("Mode Undefined!");<BR><BR> .. I get a message back saying &#039undefined&#039 is undefined.<BR><BR>Is there a proper way of doing this?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Fraser

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    Yes, and it&#039s very simple: "undefined" in JavaScript evaluates to false in a boolean context (well, not true anyway), so you can do:<BR><BR>if(myvar) {<BR>// myvar is defined<BR>} else {<BR>// myvar is undefined<BR>}<BR><BR>The only problem is if you want to check to see if a boolean variable has been defined and set to false - since undefined gives the same result.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    sigma Guest

    Default use typeof operator

    Try this<BR><BR>var Mode;<BR>if(typeof(Mode) == "undefined")<BR>Response.Write("Mode Undefined!");<BR>

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