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    Ashish Kaul Guest

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    I shifted a web site( having both ASP and Database ) from<BR>one server to another .<BR><BR>After this shift , I am facing a problem .<BR><BR>The problem is that when we try to retrieve the data through the site , it only retrieves values for those fields that are of character type.It does not retrieve numeric values .<BR>But these values exist in the database and we fire a query in PL/SQL and try to see the data it displays the numeric data .<BR><BR>Can some one help me in identifying the problem.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance <BR>Ashish Kaul<BR><BR><BR>

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    BalletChick Guest

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    Sorry Ashish, but I think we need some more detail. For example, what is different between the two systems (e.g. database software/versions, etc.)<BR><BR>Also, a sample of the code that is &#039not working&#039 would be helpful.<BR><BR>

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